FED-2 camera top cover removal

Top cover removal on the FED-2 is rather easy. You only need some 
simple tools: 

   - a set of precision screwdrivers (you can get these in 2-dollar 
   - a thin, flexible piece of rubber mat you can grab and unscrew 
     things with,
   - you might need a spanner wrench, but you can probably substitute 
     this with a home made device.

Before you begin to work, I recommend you read these instructions 
once, just  to get an idea what is involved and study the pictures a 
little. If you have a printer connected, I suggest you print this page 
out. (Best to copy and paste the page into Word. I am not applying any 
fancy formatting, so this should be straightforward. Just set the 
margins narrow enough so that the pictures fit in one row.)

Set up your work space and give yourself about one hour to do the job 
comfortably. (You will want to take notes, maybe even draw diagrams as 
you go.) 

Follow these steps:

1.) Take off the accessory shoe held by three screws.

2.) Remove the shutter speed dial. To do this, you simply loosen the 
    two tiny set screws on the side and pull the dial off its shaft. 
    (You might have to first turn the film advance knob a little - as 
    if winding up the camera - to bring the set screws into a position 
    where you can easily get to them with your screwdriver. When you 
    are done, press the shutter release button to remove the tension 
    on the shutter mechanism.)

3.) Remove the rewind lock ring. This is a 'collar' around the shutter 
    release button.

  3.a.) Loosen the tiny set screw on the side of the ring.

  3.b.) Take the ring off by unscrewing it in a counter clockwise 

  Note: the shutter release button does not have to be removed.
4.) Remove the film advance knob and the frame counter disk.

  4.a.) Take out the set screw at the side of the film advance knob 
        (and don't loose it).

  4.b.) Now, this might not be what you expected, but you take off the 
        knob by twisting it counter clockwise. However, to do this 
        successfully, you first  have to remove the back of the camera 
        and grab the cog wheel, which is  directly under the knob, 
        with your other hand. Hold the cog wheel securely, so that it 
        does not turn as you screw the film advance knob off. The knob 
        might not want to turn very easily, because what usually has 
        happened is  that the little set screw has eaten into and 
        damaged the tread on the shaft. (You'll see what I mean when 
        you do it.)

  4.c.) Remove the parts under the knob. Now, this is when you might 
        want to take some notes (if you haven't already). But to make 
        your life easier, I have included a photo of the parts laid 
        out in order of removal.

5.) Remove the rewind knob. Unlike with many SLRs, this knob does not 
    come off by turning  it counter clockwise. Instead, what you do 
    is, pull it up and undo  the screw you see underneath. Then take 
    it off together with the ring the screw went into.

    You are still left with the diopter adjustment arm, the removal 
    of which might also seem necessary. It is not. Don't even try to 
    remove it. (You can't.)
6.) What comes next, is the removal of the rangefinder eyepieces. 
    These are the round windows at the front and back.

  6.a.) Use a piece of rubber pad to grab the milled rim of the 
        rangefinder window atthe back of the camera and remove it by 
        unscrewing it counter clockwise.
        On my last camera the eyepiece was stuck and just wouldn't move 
        at all. I applied some solvent (lighter fluid is recommended  
        over WD-40!), but it did not help. So, I ended up using a pair 
        of combination pliers - the semicircular jaws in the middle.
        As a rule, I dislike the use of pliers on cameras, as it is too 
        easy to cause some damage. If you must use them - as I did on 
        this occasion -, make sure the tool does not slip. 

  6.b.) The process of removing the front window is similar with one 
        difference. This eyepiece is actually composed of two parts; a 
        milled ring and the glass in its metal housing. If you are 
        lucky, they come off together  as a unit. If not, you will end 
        up removing the ring first (see picture). Then, to get the 
        rest of it out, you need to use a spanner wrench tool.
7.) Remove the remaining screws that hold the top cover of the camera 
    in place. These are: three shiny screws in the front (left, right, 
    middle), and one screw on the top of the camera near the winder.

    By the way, the middle screw (just under the Russian letter E) is 
    very short and it hides the little slotted disk that is used for 
    horizontal rangefinder adjustment.
8.) Now at last, the top plate can be removed! Carefully lift the 
    winder side up, wiggling it a little if necessary, and slip the 
    other end out from underneath the diopter adjustment arm. (It goes 
    through the hole).

    Be careful, because once the top is off, the diopter adjustment 
    arm can come loose and fall off. I have included a picture of the 
    parts you'll find here, and it is worth your while to study how 
    everything fits together at this part  of the camera. In fact, I 
    suggest you reassemble the film rewind unit, as for most other 
    work it will not come into play. By doing so you reduce the chance 
    of parts getting lost and you forgetting what goes where.

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