For Sale

From time-to-time I come to the conclusion that this or that item in my collection doesn't really fit, so it is better to let it go and give someone else the opportunity to enjoy it.
Well, not for free, of course, but I do not aim to make a profit, so the prices should be reasonable. Nevertheless, I am open to negotiation.

How would this work

I could - and in some cases will - list these items on eBay, but eBay's fees are quite excessive, so I think a better deal can be struck if the middle man is left out.
So, the transaction would be based on trust. Email me if you are interested in purchasing any of the listed cameras, lenses, etc. and if we go ahead with the transaction then you pay me via PayPal or Bank Transfer and I send you the goods via a method that includes tracking and signature.

Cost of delivery

The prices shown do not include postage. Since these items are located in Sydney, Australia, postage can get expensive if the parcel is destined to a far away continent. So, it is always a good idea to get clear on the postage costs early on. Ask and I'll find out.

Click on the links for more pictures and a detailed description. Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Name ConditionPrice
Minox 35 GT with MT 35 flash, case, instructions
More ...
***** A$240
Koni-Omegaflex M with 90mm lens, two film backs, grip, eye-level and right-angle finders
*** SOLD
Thornton-Pickard view camera
**** SOLD
Plaubel Makina I camera with roll-film back
*** SOLD